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Index Strategy up 490% since 2000, up 70% in 2008, long/short

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Weekly Trend and Trade Review

April 17, 2009

Trader Talk

The short term momentum oscillators remain positive, confirming the bullish stance of the AlphaKing Trading indicator. The accumulation/distribution profile remains bullish, with only one distribution day since the market bottomed on March 9th, countered with a slew of higher volume accumulation days. The leadership profile is the lone indicator bearish, with 37 stocks making new 52 week highs versus 76 stocks making new 52 week lows.

The 4% rule remains positive, confirmed with bullish Federal Reserve policy. The VXO volatility indicator closed the week at 35, continuing the pullback in fear, though remains well above the single digit level that represents overbought complacency. The Elliott wave count continues to suggest the first stage of a major rally into the summer is nearing its end - in either a new bull market wave 1 or a bear market counter trend wave A rally - and thus the next correction slated to start once this initial first stage rally completes.

Traditional seasonal trends have us looking for a rally into the summer, while the Presidential cycle suggests the year of the bear remains alive and well in 2009. The Benner-Fibonacci cycle will remain bullish until 2010. The AlphaKing combination cycle sees a rally into the summer, possibly extending into the fall.


All the investment ducks except new highs/new lows remain in the bull camp - including our AlphaKing Trading indicator - with this week seeing another solid victory for the bulls, with the volume trend remaining constructive to the bull case. We had expected this Energizer Bunny rally to propel the stock indexes toward a rapid move to test the 200 day moving averages, and today the Value Line Arithmetic index hit that target. It is impossible to tell if that in itself is enough to put an end to the advance as a set up to the next correction, or if one or more other indexes have to confirm the 200 retest.

From a trading perspective, most stock indexes remain too close to their 50 day moving averages - technical lines that, at this juncture, we deem a terrific lower risk entry opportunity - to warrant aggressive profit-taking at current levels, lest we become too focused on short term swings that we miss the larger trend picture. We will continue to assess the stock indexes position in relation to their moving averages - with the 200 day MA for the Dow, S&P500, and NASDAQ representing an excellent exit point to lock in profits on longs, and 50 day MAs the back-up-the-truck buy point - and adjust our portfolios accordingly.

Our overall Big Picture expectation continues to call for the current rally off the March lows to test the 200 day MAs for the stock indexes, followed by a corrective pullback to retest the 50 day MAs (with new bear market lows possible if the pullback is an Elliott Wave B,) all leading to the mother of all rallies into the summer that leaves the Dow Industrials near the 12,000 level. Once there, we should have a pretty good idea if 2010 and beyond belongs to the bulls or a resumption of the bear market headed into depression.

So stay long the market for now, with 401K investors remaining invested in stock index, or aggressive growth, mutual funds. Have a great weekend!

Kevin Wilde, Chief Trading Strategist,

Portfolio Update Archive


Index Portfolio: No new trades

GrQ/4 ETF Portfolio: No new trades

GrQ/8 Hedge Fund Portfolio: No new trades

GrQ/25 Small Cap Portfolio: No new trades


Portfolio Long Only Long/Short
Index Portfolio 2009* 24.0% 5.1%
Annual 1973-2008* 13.1% 19.4%
GrQ/4 Portfolio 2009* 22.1% 20.4%
Annual 2000-2008* 13.0% 21.1%
GrQ/8 Hedge Fund Portfolio 2009* 7.3% 33.1%
Annual 1999-2008* 6.5% 22.8%
GrQ/25 Small Cap Portfolio 2009** 14.8% N/A
Annual 2001-2008** 15.6% N/A

GrQ/25 M100 NASDAQ S&P500 DJIA

* Compounded results before commissions, dividends, or interest income during those periods when portfolio invested in money market funds or short. Back-tested data used to compile results prior to 2004, actual trades since.
** Performance tracked by, and results include commissions of $0.05 per share per trade.

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Current Positions:

Index Portfolio*

Position Entry Date Entry Current Profit/Loss
Long UWM 03/31/2009 13.63 17.30 26.93%

GrQ/4 Portfolio*

Position Entry Date Entry Current Profit/Loss
Long FXI 03/30/2009 28.15 32.44 15.24%
Long BIK 03/27/2009 15.48 17.01 9.88%
Long BDH 03/27/2009 9.56 10.43 9.10%
Long UYG 03/31/2009 2.46 3.79 55.10%

GrQ/8 Hedge Fund Portfolio*

Position Entry Date Entry Current Profit/Loss
Long SINA 03/31/2009 23.20 27.55 18.75%
Long TNDM 04/09/2009 23.50 26.81 14.09%
Long GMCR 04/02/2009 47.86 52.67 10.05%
Long LINC 03/30/2009 16.56 17.51 5.74%
Long MDCO 03/31/2009 10.75 11.36 5.67%
Long FAF 03/27/2009 27.28 28.35 3.92%
Long RHB 03/30/2009 17.21 17.54 1.92%
Long MMS 03/27/2009 39.89 39.28 (1.53%)

GrQ/25 Small Cap Portfolio**

Position Entry Date Entry Current Profit/Loss
Long CHDX 03/31/2009 5.15 7.43 44.27%
Long CCUR 03/30/2009 3.51 4.18 19.09%
Long CHP 04/01/2009 1.80 2.13 18.33%
Long MED 03/27/2009 4.38 5.07 15.75%
Long SPIR 04/01/2009 5.25 6.05 15.24%
Long VIV 03/31/2009 13.56 15.51 14.38%
Long STEC 03/27/2009 7.26 8.22 13.22%
Long GNW 04/03/2009 2.04 2.30 12.75%
Long ARST 03/27/2009 13.19 14.87 12.74%
Long BIOS 03/27/2009 2.29 2.58 12.66%
Long UWM 04/09/2009 15.64 17.30 10.61%
Long UWM 04/09/2009 15.64 17.30 10.61%
Long UWM 04/09/2009 15.64 17.30 10.61%
Long OPTV 03/27/2009 1.44 1.58 9.72%
Long IRS 03/30/2009 3.75 3.99 6.40%
Long DMND 03/30/2009 26.36 27.83 5.58%
Long PEGA 03/31/2009 18.28 19.24 5.25%
Long SUNH 03/30/2009 7.85 8.26 5.22%
Long HMSY 04/02/2009 30.04 30.92 2.93%
Long DCP 04/03/2009 13.65 13.94 2.12%
Long COCO 04/01/2009 18.27 18.42 0.82%
Long NETC 03/31/2009 7.33 7.21 (1.64%)
Long EPIQ 03/30/2009 16.90 16.30 (3.55%)
Long APEI 04/03/2009 44.29 40.30 (9.01%)
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